Daniel K. Molzahn

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I am an assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology working on electric power systems. I also hold an appointment as a computational engineer in the Energy Systems Division at Argonne National Laboratory. I completed the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in August 2013 and the Dow postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan in August 2015. My research interests focus on developing optimization and control algorithms to improve the reliability and economics of electric power systems.

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Research Interests

My research develops new optimization and control algorithms for electric power systems. Examples of specific research topics in this area include the use of optimization techniques, such as semidefinite programming, to solve the optimal power flow problem and to create voltage stability margins; designing methodologies for determining the most important transmission facilities for system reliability; and developing algorithms for detecting and mitigating cyberattacks.


University of Michigan
  • Dow Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (August 2015)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (August 2013)
  • Master's of Public Affairs (December 2012)
  • Master's of Electrical Engineering (December 2010)
  • Energy Analysis and Policy Graduate Certificate (May 2010)
  • Bachelor's of Science with majors in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics (highest distinction honors) (May 2008)